Create Amazon Seller Listing Descriptions

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You can use Word To HTML to create descriptions for Amazon seller listings.

Amazon restricts the code you can use for listings so we have created a simplified version of the Visual Editor that will create code that is Amazon compatible.

To get started all you need to do is click the ‘Amazon Editor mode’ link above the Visual Editor:

You will notice that the toolbar icons switch to simplified controls:

Amazon has a limit of 2000 characters for the description field, our system will warn you if your text is over 2000 characters. We also have a character count tool in the bottom right of the Visual Editor that will help you keep track but be aware you might see different numbers in the count vs. our warning message. The issue is Amazon counts every HTML character not just the text, so for example, if you add a new line with just one character in it e.g. <p>X</p> this is actually 8 HTML characters.

Once you have edited the text, copy the HTML from the HTML Editor box and paste it into the Amazon listing display field.