Auto copy HTML to clipboard after cleanup

To save you time when you click the Cleanup button we automatically copy the converted HTML to your clipboard ready for pasting. If you want to turn this feature off you can do so in the Settings page.

New feature: Manage Tags & Attributes

This feature lets you customize the tags and their attributes. You can add and delete attributes, for example, say you had this code in your file:

<p>First paragraph.</p>

And you wanted to apply your CSS Stylesheet to the text, then you could use this feature to add this attribute:

<p class="className">First paragraph.</p>

Here is an overview of the section options

1 – Tag or attribute actions drop down – select what you would like to do.

2 – HTML tag (element) like p, span, div or jQuery selector like div.p or .someClass
More info about jQuery selectors:

3 – HTML attributes like id, class, style etc. Please note that class and style attributes at treated differently if you enter some values for them.
4 – Enumerate attribute values on/off.

5 – Start number when enumerating attribute values.

6 – Attribute or tag values. This field can contain HTML too.

7 – List of actions that will be performed on HTML.

For more usage examples please visit our help page on this topic…

New feature, improved image support

We have improved our image support. Now when you add an image to a page it gets stored on our image CDN. There are two benefits to this:

Testing emails: when you send a test email that contains images the images will display in your email client.

Testing pages: when you download a page or copy it into a CMS your images will show.

Please note we only keep your images if you are a subscriber to our Pro service. If you cancel your account we will delete your images and files after 30 days.

Paste images as files feature

We’re happy to introduce feature to save pasted images as files online. Previously if you’ve pasted an image from clipboard it was added as embedded HTML. Currently Word To HTML will save your image online. Please note that if you paste big images then pasting process can take some time (from seconds to minutes if you got slow Internet connection).

If you want to paste image as embedded HTML then you have to turn on Embed images option. Please note that embedding images as HTML makes sense only for small images.

Visual, HTML editor, File manager updates

We would like to inform that we have updated both editors (Visual and HTML code) and well as File manager for Visual editor to newer versions.

If you’re having any issues first please refresh your browser (Ctrl + F5). If this will not help please contact us.

New feature – HTML email testing

We noticed a lot of users are using our system to create HTML newsletters so we have decided to add more features to make the task easier.

We know from our own experience that one of the main issues with creating HTML emails is testing them. To save you time we have now added a Send Test Email option. You will find the option next to the save menu.

When you click it you can send the test email to the email address on your account or you can change it to send to any email address you like. You can also customise the subject line.

Please do let us know what you think of this feature and if you have any other new feature suggestions do let us know: [email protected]


March updates to Word To HTML

We have updated the site today. This is many bug fixes and backend updates. If you come across any issues with the site do let us know: [email protected]

Remember a hard refresh should fix most issues.

This is different from a normal refresh or page reload. In your web browser you need to press:

  • Windows/Linux: Ctrl+F5
  • Mac: Apple + R or Command + R

After that check, if Word to HTML works OK now.

New design for Word to HTML

We are pleased to launch our new design for Word to HTML. As we have added more features over time the user interface was getting very cluttered and complex. We always want to make sure Word to HTML is easy to use so we spent a lot of time looking into how we could simplify the interface but still giving you easy access to all the tools.

Our solution was to group together the template options into a tabbed interface, so you can easily switch to the options that you need.

Also, our file upload feature where you can upload your own Word, PDF and other documents and have them automatically converted to HTML was a bit lost in the old design. We have given this feature its own section to make it more obvious for new users.

In addition, we added a lot of whitespace to the design to make it easier on the eye and less cluttered.

We hope you like the new look

New pro feature: you can now export your HTML to Word as DOCX and as PDF

Users asked us for the ability to convert HTML to Word DOCX or Adobe PDF. This sounded like a good idea to use to we added the feature to the site. You can find these download options by clicking the arrow to the right of the save button.

In order to download your HTML please save it first then click one of ‘Download as…’ menu items. Do let us know what you think of this new feature.