Word To HTML Help - Online HTML Editor, Converter And Cleanup

Word to HTML is a tool that lets you quickly convert your text to clean HTML. You can also go the other way and convert HTML to formatted text.

To get started all you need to do is paste your text into the editor on the left, your text will be instantly converted to HTML in the right code editor. You can also just enter your text directly into the left visual editor. If you want to clean up your code, you can tick any of the cleanup options in the bottom left. You can also use find and replace commands in the bottom right. Remember you need to click the large green 'Cleanup my HTML' button to run your cleanup or find and replace commands. Only in PRO version you can run cleanup for selected content in visual editor. Free version will cleanup all content in visual editor.


Using the visual editor

Once you paste or write your text in the editor, you can use the various controls to format your text. You can also insert pictures, tables, documents and links into your text.

All selected items in red are PRO features:

  • Restore last saved draft
  • No align
  • Clear formatting
  • Insert non-breaking space
  • Insert horizonal line
  • Full screen edit mode
  • Insert source code
  • File manager
  • Spell checker
  • Insert special chars
  • Preview
  • Insert table of contents
  • Display number of words

visual editor pro features

You can resize the editor windows as shown below:

resize your windows - word to html conversion


Save options

You can save your document and open it again at any time from any computer. Just click the save button as shown below. You can also choose to automatically save your work as you go along.

save options - word to html


Upload and convert your documents to HTML

One of the most powerful features of Word to HTML is that you can upload your document and have it automatically converted to HTML. We can convert the following formats:

  • Word files – doc and docx
  • PDF files
  • Rich text files (RTF)
  • Open document format (ODF)
  • Txt files

Upload and convert your documents to HTML


Insert or embed images in HTML

Word to HTML offers you the option to embed your images in the HTML or to store them as separate image files uploaded via File Manager. Traditionally images have always been separate files from the HTML, but a new technique lets you directly embed the images into the HTML. The advantage of embedded images means you only have one HTML file so it can be convenient when pasting into a Content Management System for example.

Insert embedded images - word to HTML


Creating and using Cleanup Templates

Once you have selected your options in the 'What would you like to remove?' section you can save these options to a template that you can then use at anytime. Find and replace commands, and also the CSS styles to keep/remove will also be saved to your template.

Save your clean up templates - Convert Doc To HTML


Find and replace

You can use the find and replace command to further customize your HTML. You can search for any text and replace or delete it. You can add several find and replace commands and also choose the order in which they run. Advanced users, can use regular expression commands to create more powerful find and replace commands.

Find and replace - Word to HTML converter


Use google or other web fonts

On Settings page you can define your own custom web fonts for visual editor.

Custom Web Fonts - Word to HTML converter

Custom Web Fonts Editor - Word to HTML converter