Word to HTML News

New design for Word To HTML

15 Feb 2018

We are pleased to launch our new design for Word to HTML. As we have added more features over time the user interface was getting very cluttered and complex. We always want to make sure Word to HTML is easy to use so we spent a lot of time looking into how we could simplify the interface but still giving you easy access to all the tools you need.

Our solution was to group together the template options into a tabbed interface, so you can easily switch to the options that you need.

Also our file upload feature were you can upload your own Word, PDF and other documents and have them automatically converted to HTML was a bit lost in the old design. We have given this feature its own section to make it more obvious for new users.

In addition we added a lot of whitespace to the design to make it easier on the eye and less cluttered. We hope you like the new look.

New pro feature: you can now export your HTML to Word as DOCX and as PDF

04 Jan 2018

Users asked us for the ability to convert HTML to Word DOCX or Adobe PDF. This sounded like a good idea to use to we added the feature to the site. You can find these download options by clicking the arrow to the right of the save button.

In order to download your HTML please save it first then click one of 'Download as...' menu items. Do let us know what you think of this new feature.

download as docx or pdf

New pro feature: Use google or other web fonts

24 Nov 2017

On Settings page you can define your own custom web fonts for visual editor:

Custom Web Fonts - Word to HTML converter

Once fonts are defined you can select them in visual editor:

Custom Web Fonts Editor - Word to HTML converter