Introducing our new easier to use editor with Super Paste…

As we add more features we are aware that the editor has become overly complex and intimidating to some users. We want to make things as simple as possible for you so we have been hard at work creating a new editor experience that is easier to use but contains more powerful features than ever.

Here is the old editor:

Here is the new easier to use editor:

If you are thinking, hey where have all the options gone?? Don’t worry they are all still there. You just need to click the 3 dots to expand out the options:

If you prefer having all the options visible you can do this by changing Editor Type option in Settings:

Introducing Super Paste! (Pro users only)

A common request from users is to keep their formatting when they paste from Word or Excel. We are pleased to introduce Super Paste. Now when you paste from Word or Excel you will keep an option to keep your formatting or clean it up:

You can control the settings for the new editor my going to the settings page:


New cleanup controls

We have added the following new clean up options:

  • Empty attributes: Removes all empty or with whitespace attributes like id=”” or class=” “
  • Data attributes: removes all data attributes, for example in this code <li data-animal-type=”bird”>Owl</li> it would remove data-animal-type=”bird” to leave you with <li>Owl</li>
  • Indent: tidy up your HTML to make it easier to read
  • Compress: compresses your HTML to make your file size smaller

We also added a section for CSS classes to keep or remove.

We are keen to hear what you think of the new editor and the new features, so please do let us know: or fill out our short feedback form.

New Word to HTML Feature: Easily Create Amazon Listing Descriptions…

We have made it easier for users to create descriptions for Amazon seller listings.

Amazon restricts the code you can use for listings so we have created a simplified version of the Visual Editor that will create code that is Amazon compatible.

To get started all you need to do is click the ‘Amazon Editor mode’ link above the Visual Editor:


You will notice that the toolbar icons switch to simplified controls:


Amazon has a limit of 2000 characters for the description field, our system will warn you if your text is over 2000 characters. We also have a character count tool in the bottom right of the Visual Editor that will help you keep track.

Once you have edited the text, copy the HTML from the HTML Editor box and paste it into the Amazon listing display field.

Do let us know what you think of this feature. We also have plans to add a custom editor for creating Ebay listings.

New Word To HTML feature: Templates to help you easily create HTML signatures and more…

Templates are the easy way for you to create the text you need fast. This feature is only for PRO users.

All you have to do is click the insert template icon from the menu:

Then select your template:

Once you have selected the template you can edit the content in the editor.

At the moment we just have templates for HTML signatures but if this feature is popular we will add more templates.

Please contact us if you have ideas for new templates.

New feature: Manage Tags & Attributes

This feature lets you customize the tags and their attributes. You can add and delete attributes, for example, say you had this code in your file:

<p>First paragraph.</p>

And you wanted to apply your CSS Stylesheet to the text, then you could use this feature to add this attribute:

<p class="className">First paragraph.</p>

Here is an overview of the section options

1 – Tag or attribute actions drop down – select what you would like to do.

2 – HTML tag (element) like p, span, div or jQuery selector like div.p or .someClass
More info about jQuery selectors:

3 – HTML attributes like id, class, style etc. Please note that class and style attributes at treated differently if you enter some values for them.
4 – Enumerate attribute values on/off.

5 – Start number when enumerating attribute values.

6 – Attribute or tag values. This field can contain HTML too.

7 – List of actions that will be performed on HTML.

For more usage examples please visit our help page on this topic…

New feature, improved image support

We have improved our image support. Now when you add an image to a page it gets stored on our image CDN. There are two benefits to this:

Testing emails: when you send a test email that contains images the images will display in your email client.

Testing pages: when you download a page or copy it into a CMS your images will show.

Please note we only keep your images if you are a subscriber to our Pro service. If you cancel your account we will delete your images and files after 30 days.

Paste images as files feature

We’re happy to introduce feature to save pasted images as files online. Previously if you’ve pasted an image from clipboard it was added as embedded HTML. Currently Word To HTML will save your image online. Please note that if you paste big images then pasting process can take some time (from seconds to minutes if you got slow Internet connection).

If you want to paste image as embedded HTML then you have to turn on Embed images option. Please note that embedding images as HTML makes sense only for small images.

Visual, HTML editor, File manager updates

We would like to inform that we have updated both editors (Visual and HTML code) and well as File manager for Visual editor to newer versions.

If you’re having any issues first please refresh your browser (Ctrl + F5). If this will not help please contact us.