Why does my HTML not look exactly like my Word or PDF file?

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A common question we get from users is why the formatting on their documents changes when they import their files or copy and paste their text.

Word is a very powerful editor that lets you do all kinds of complex layouts but sometimes these layouts do not convert precisely to HTML. Most elements of your documents should convert fine, but you may notice occasionally the layout will change.

With HTML, you need to compromise between the layout you want and what is best for users.

People will be accessing your content on various devices; over half of all website visits now come from smartphones. Your HTML needs to be adaptable to show correctly on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

We suggest that you keep your layouts as simple as possible, so the maximum number of people can view your content. Things to avoid:

  • Putting large amounts of text in tables or columns.
  • Putting text in the custom position text boxes, shapes, or SmartArt.

You can use headings, images, paragraphs, or tables of data, just keep the design and layout simple and you will be ok.