How to delete all saved HTML documents

You can delete all documents saved online on Word to HTML by clicking this menu item under the Save button below the Visual Editor.

Word to HTML will show a confirmation window shown below. Just click one of the buttons in order to delete all saved documents with all images that are referenced by saved HTML documents stored on Word to HTML or without them.


Dark theme mode

If you prefer, you can activate the dark theme by clicking this icon:

Or set the Dark theme in the Preferences.


How to use our HTML Email Creator Tool

Our HTML email tool helps you create great-looking emails fast.

You can create an email from scratch or modify one of our built-in templates.

You have full control over the text and layout.

You can add your own images or choose from our free built-in stock photo library.

Once your email is ready, you can send it to yourself or a colleague to see how it looks in your inbox.

You can then copy or save the email to send it via your email-sending system.

Try it now and discover how easy it is to create impactful emails.

Watch our short video overview:

How to use the AI writing tool

Try our new AI writing assistant! Our AI-powered assistant takes the stress and guesswork out of writing, making it easy to craft compelling stories, articles, and more.

Just click any of these icons or link and you will see the AI Writer window or use our dedicated AI Writer page.

Never be stuck for ideas. Our new AI writing tool can assist you in coming up with ideas for topics to write about.

All you need to do is enter the prompt and our AI tool will do the rest. For example, we ask the tool to come up with blog post ideas for a Yoga Studio.

The suggestions are shown in the AI reply text box. If you are satisfied with the reply you can insert the whole reply to the Visual Editor or select a part of it and then click the green ‘Add reply’ button.

The AI writing tool can even write text for you. For example, we can ask the tool to write marketing text to promote our new early-morning yoga classes for pregnant women.

You can be as descriptive and precise as you like. Once the text is generated, you can add it to the Visual Editor.

Try the AI writing tool for yourself and see how much time you can save.

Watch our short video overview

Grammar and spell checker in the Visual Editor

If you would like to check English grammar and spelling in the Visual Editor we recommend adding the free Grammarly extension to your browser of choice.

Once you add the Grammarly extension you will see it in Visual Editor like this:

How to resize big images for faster loading on web pages or emails

Today’s issue with photos taken by mobile phones or cameras is that their file size is too large if you plan to use them on web pages or in emails.

We’ve added a feature to quickly resize uploaded or pasted images. Also, you can resize already uploaded images.

Word to HTML will detect if an uploaded or pasted image is too big and automatically allow you to make the image file size smaller.

You can see the resolution and file size of the original and resized image. Big photos taken by mobile phones or cameras that are a few megabytes will load much slower than smaller images.

It’s up to you to decide how big an image you want to show on your website or email. Just drag the size slider. By default, Word to HTML will set the % size slider value based on your browser width.

If you upload a big image and you will increase the image size slider too much, your image will go outside of browser width – it will just not fit into the browser window and a web page. If you’re uploading a JPEG image, you can change the quality of it too. The lower quality value will make the file size smaller, but photo quality will also decrease.

We recommend using 60-70 quality photos, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to decrease the quality. Once you are OK with your image size, click the blue ‘Insert Resized Image’ button to upload that image. You can always upload the original image, but we do not recommend this.

If you’re uploading an image that is not a JPEG format (PNG, GIF, WEBP etc.) you will see a switch that will allow you to change the format to JPEG. We recommend running it on to make your image file size smaller, but only if your image has no transparent areas. If your image has transparency, then you will see it in back color if you switch to JPEG mode.



You can make existing images smaller by clicking it in Visual Editor and then clicking the following icon:

Now select your image size in % and optional quality and click the blue ‘Insert Resized Image’ button:


How to share documents with your team

To do this click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Save button, then select the share option.

In the new window, you can select the team members that can access the document. You can also choose if they have the ability to overwrite the document, if you keep this unticked they will have to save the document as a new file in their own storage.

How to merge the same span tags into one tag

If your HTML has the same span tags in a row like in the code sample below and you would like to have just one span tag then you can use custom JavaScript code that will fix your HTML.

   <span lang="en">This is span</span> <span lang="en">This is span 2</span>
   <span style="font-size: 12px">This is span</span>
   <span style="font-size: 12px">This is span 2</span>
   <span style="font-size: 12px">This is span 3</span>

Please try the following custom JavaScript code that will process your HTML span tags:

var htmlLength = 0;
while (htmlLength != html.length )
   htmlLength = html.length;
   html = html.replace(/(<span[^<>]*>)([\s\S]*?)(<\/span>)(\s*)\1([\s\S]*?)\3/gi, "$1$2$4$5$3");

Just copy and paste it into Custom JavaScript editor and click Cleanup HTML green button under HTML editor.

After you click Cleanup HTML button all the same span tags will be merged into one <span..> tag like below:

   <span lang="en">This is span This is span 2</span>
   <span style="font-size: 12px">This is span This is span 2 This is span 3</span>

How to style your tables

We have a settings screen to let you easily style your tables. To use it all you have to do is click anywhere in your table. On the floating menu that comes up click the brush icon.

On the table styling screen, you can control all aspects of the table style like color, font, padding, border and table height and width.



Paste content as plain text

If you’re using Chrome browser you can paste content as plain text please right click with mouse in Visual Editor and click ‘Paste as plain text’ option:

If you’re using other browser then you can paste your content into empty HTML Editor which will show text instead of HTML and then select all that text in HTML Editor and then copy it back to clipboard and paste it into Visual Editor.